Working as a counsellor or therapist can regularly expose individuals to potentially traumatic and distressing material. This continuous exposure puts them at risk of experiencing vicarious trauma and burnout, which can significantly impact their well-being and professional performance. While training in therapy techniques and principles provides a solid foundation for helping others, it does not […]
The work of art speaks for itself.
Through expressive arts, individuals can tap into their imagination, intuition, and inner wisdom, unlocking a unique avenue for self-expression and personal growth. The process of creating art can be therapeutic, offering a sense of relaxation, stress relief, and improved mental well-being. It allows individuals to disconnect from daily stressors and immerse themselves in the present […]
Training FAQ
Becoming a Counsellor Since counselling is not a statutorily recognised profession, the term "counsellor" is not legally protected. It implies that anyone, regardless of their level of education, can refer to themselves as a "counsellor." However, there are approved standards for practitioner training established by professional bodies and awarding organisations and are associated with entry […]
The Door
The client created painful areas with images representing the process and reflection of "closing the door of one life and letting go of that life and going through the grieving process... and opening the door to a new life, the other side of the door". Shared with permission.